Imitation General (1958)

Imitation General

Release Date: 29 Aug 1958

Director: George Marshall

Writer: William Bowers, William Chamberlain

Cast: Glenn Ford, Red Buttons, Taina Elg, Dean Jones

Duration: 1 h 28 min

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10 (319 Votes)

IMDB ID: tt0051767 (Subtitles)

Country: USA

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, War

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Rated: 16

Imitation General (1958) Plot:

Master Sgt. ''Murph'' Savage impersonates a fallen general in the hope of inspiring his fellow soldiers to bravely fight their way out of a Nazi ensnarement. He might succeed if he can avoid the one soldier who knows his true identity.


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