City of Darkness (2010)

City of Darkness

Release Date: N/A

Director: Mark Newton

Writer: Mark Newton

Cast: Crystal Stranger, Myles McLane, Patrick McLaughlin, Dino Vicencio

Duration: 1 h 11 min

IMDB Rating: N/A/10 (N/A Votes)

IMDB ID: tt1723750 (Subtitles)

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

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Rated: N/A

City of Darkness (2010) Plot:

A brutal serial killer, Alexis Cross(Crystal Stranger), is captured and taken to an experimental research institution. Once there, one of the institute's head scientists, Dr. Cypress(Myles McLane), performs an experiment on her, successfully curing her of the need to kill. Then, Dr. Cypress secretly performs the experiment on himself, wanting to see what the results would be on a sane person. The experiment has the opposite affect, turning him into a psychotic killer. Blood and carnage follow as Alexis fights her internal demons while trying to stop Dr. Cypress from turning the human race into zombie killers.


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